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The Faces Behind WiCK'D

Hey Everyone!  We just wanted to introduce ourselves to our community in hopes to also get to know you better. Many of you reading this will know either Kyle or myself in one way or another. Hopefully this will help us shed light into the recent events that have lead to us starting this candle business.


Having lived on the East Coast in Moncton, NB for the past decade, someone looking in from the outside, would see that both Kyle & I were settled and laying down roots for our future together. Homes; vehicles; trailers; toys & of course our dog Chase and cat Whiskey, we thought we were settled and we were content with that. Next step was marriage and possibly a family. We were both working 9-5’s trying to keep up with the insane amount of consumer debt we had taken on. (Payments, payments, payments!) We thought we were happy. All it takes is one day to flip that all upside down. A blessing in disguise, Kyle had found out one chilly November morning, that his position within his company, was being cut. NOW WHAT?


It seemed like we were running from our problems when we had decided we were going to leave the East Coast & try out a new adventure. Ottawa? Kelowna? Calgary? All beautiful cities with great opportunities. Albeit both being adventurous, spontaneous people, we had a lot to consider. After carefully weighing out the options Calgary seemed like it was definitely the best fit, and boy were we right. Aside from the beauty of the city itself, within the first few days here we could see the strong entrepreneurial spirit. A young vibrant city with so much to offer.


All of the events in the past 3 years have taught us both to not have all of our eggs in one basket. With a surplus of free time during quarantine, we finally had time to read books we had always wanted to read (Rich dad poor dad, The Broke Millennial), & listen to business podcasts. We came to the realization that multiple income streams were our main goal. With the whole world at our fingertips, (Thank you Internet) what better way to combine one of our passions (Business) with one of our hobbies (Candle making).


While moving into our current house, the previous owners had left a box full of kitchen items in the garage. Annoyed, I put the box into the back of my SUV to drop off at a local second hand store. Anyone who knows me (Jordan) knows that, that box sat in the back of my SUV for a few weeks before I went out of my way to go drop it off. While dropping it off I decided to look into the box of unwanted goods when a brilliant idea popped into my head. What if I turned these unwanted items into candle holders? Could that work? Let’s try it out. WiCK’D YYC was born that day.


WiCK’D YYC was founded on the idea of being environmentally cautious, with sustainability in mind. One of my better ideas; the idea behind salvaging items destined for landfills, and repurposing them into wanted, reusable items.

We dug deep into the candle world and did not find much in the way of our idea. So we went for it. Keeping our company as sustainable as possible, using healthy and safe ingredients and reusing anything we can get our hands on!


We are continually coming up with better ideas and expanding on our business. We have introduced the Pick Your Vessel, Pick Your Scent option which allows you to pick an empty vessel and have us hand make your candle with your chosen scent. We have a vessel return option as well to truly be sustainable, allowing customers to return their vessels to be refilled or to allow someone else to enjoy them. There are many exciting things coming and we hope you join us on this rollercoaster! Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on our exciting announcements as we grow and expand our business. Follow us on Social Media to get real-time updates on what we are up to and exciting new products. And find us at markets around Calgary, say hello and experience the WiCK’D candle in person! 

We are excited you are here and are part of our journey! Thank You!


Jordan & Kyle, Chase & Whiskey


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