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Ruth Pottery

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Named this way, as it has "Ruth" carved into the bottom of it. It also says "pencils" on the front? But I'm sure you can put whatever you would like in it. Starting with a candle. And that's what we do! So pick a scent and enjoy this wonderful piece in your own home. Thanks Ruth!

Once you have selected your scent and ordered your product, we will get to work. We will hand pour your beautiful scent into your chosen vessel using our 100% natural soy wax. Once your candle has properly cured (36-48hrs) we will box it up and send it off to you. Your very own custom candle.

Feel great knowing you have selected a unique custom candle that is safe for you and your family as well as the environment!

Thank you for choosing WiCK’D YYC!


All Natural - Long Lasting - Clean Burning - Premium Soy Wax Candle - Custom Made For You!